Because together we can and we should

Because together we can and we should

My Vision

By 2025, there will be recognised cash in (plastic) trash

People all over the globe will have an easy to use system to collect plastic waste after each use and send it to a recycling plant for its next life cycle.

money in a waste bin

My Services


There is a saying in Romanian culture which states, “if you do not have experienced people around…you’d better buy them”.

This is what DANA MOSORA Consulting brings to your organization: lots of experience and unparalleled network in the plastic packaging value chain from both developed and developing economies.


Having a strong company vision on how to engage and deliver on Circular Economy and reduction of ocean waste is not enough.

With DANA MOSORA Consulting you will add to your leadership the expertise in driving your organization towards an effective Circular Economy of the plastic packaging value chain.


I continue to be passionate about helping people develop and I believe in the great future which our young generation of millennials build for our societies and our planet.

I enjoy dedicating time and energy to share my expertise and to inspire young people to pursue meaningful careers in good harmony.

Project Management

It takes a village to tackle the challenges of the Circular Economy and to develop creative solutions for reducing Ocean Waste.

With DANA MOSORA Consulting you will bring to your projects know how in building cross value chain collaboration and excellent project management skills to move from having ambitious goals to delivering on them with excellence.

DANA MOSORA Consulting

Continuously learn and innovate
Progress via collaboration
Actively share knowledge to facilitate change.

DANA MOSORA Consulting supports social businesses

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Tel: +41 79 308 7025

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