More and More CEO’s Are Taking Their Social Responsibility Seriously

I was reading this article from the Harvard Business Review publications and really liked how it highlights the consequences of 3 clear characteristics of today’s business place: millennials growing role in the workforce, executives not expecting anymore governments to step in and solve our biggest problems-from climate change to inequality and last but not least, the scale and power of big companies.

Corporate Social Responsibility becomes more and more a real way of companies taking an active role in addressing the environmental and societal problems. And gaining business value after all!

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Sustainable Development Goals – wonder what are they? Here is number 12…

If you ever wondered how you can take part in helping implement the Sustainable Development Goals, like I do because it matters to me, this article will help find many ways to bring your contribution via packaging. It goes by halving the per capita global food waste with smart use of packaging or supporting countries to strengthen their scientific and technological capacity to move towards sustainable patterns of consumption and production.

There is so much more in this reading…

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Our work in Accra in December 2017 – an amazing experience

Hilda and I got the unique chance to join the workshop organized by the Fan Milk’s PICK IT! project. It was facilitated by the MIT D-Lab, in TEMA New Town, a coastal fishing community on the outskirts of Accra. We learn first hand about the MIT’s D-Lab co-design...

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From Waste to Energy: Burning Plastic

I know that the right way to talk about burning plastic waste is “energy from waste”, but the fact remains that it all means burning plastic after just one life cycle. And this is not a true circular economy! I believe that  what the key take away of...

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Focusing on diversity from every aspect of a business

This blog is about Diversity & Inclusion. Why? Because I believe it is as much of a challenge for companies to integrate Diversity & Inclusion as it is to integrate Sustainability. Let’s build a creative approach into making companies understand...

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I am the mother of two millenials

Easy? Never…but it became easier as I started reading about millennials and realized that my kids are nothing different than all of their generation. I grew up loving fast food and going to shopping malls. They want different. Read the article about them...

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Innovative mega brands working for the future

I grew up professionally building strong brands: Mennen, Palmolive, DIM and, what I liked most about brands was the power of improving our lives through innovation. Many great brands brought better products most of the time, to make our life easier and...

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Finance and sustainability: What can you do

I have decided to start a weekly blog. I hope you will find this information useful but also I hope you will let me know your opinion. This first week I wish to speak about the topic of finance and sustainability. Coming from the corporate world I know...

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