My work in Ghana is progressing nicely towards the launch of ASASE’s project CASH IT! in Katamanso, Greater Accra Region.

The ASASE Foundation will create jobs in the community while bringing entrepreneurship opportunities for women who want to engage in plastic recycling.

CASH IT! will be supported and managed by ASASE, through the capacity building period. The ASASE founders, the project officer, and their partners will provide the necessary technical and business management training for aspiring entrepreneurs to run recycling plant and grow the business for profit.

Once profitable, the CASH IT! project will spin off as a stand-alone social enterprise and the women owning it will give their community a percentage of their profits, for community projects.

Project CASH IT! offers women entrepreneurs the opportunity to cash in on the value of plastic waste currently littered, for their own benefit and their families benefit, as well as the benefit of their community.

Last week my partner Hilda Addah and the ASASE project officer Patricia Agyare engaged with the women waste pickers in the community to start identifying the potential aspiring entrepreneurs and operators for the recycling plant. Now we are preparing the first workshop to co-design the business model for CASH IT!

Stay tuned for more next week!



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