How did it all start
and what is it for?

On one of my first trips to South Africa, while volunteering in an orphanage, I was reminded of the support that inspired me to become who I am today. That very day, I chose women and children in Africa as the ones whom I want to inspire and support, to help them go beyond their limits and dare to follow their heart.

The purpose of my engagement in Africa today is to bring the experience and seed money which can enable women entrepreneurs to cash in on the value of plastic waste for the benefit of their own communities.

With my company, Dana Mosora Consulting, I will continue to build expertise from offering project management, consulting, coaching and advising. I have dedicated my time to working towards a Circular Economy and finding solutions for Marine Litter. I choose clients who focus on efficient waste management solutions, in the value chain of flexible plastic packaging (in Europe).

I will invest the profit from my company, Dana Mosora Consulting, in the ASASE Foundation in Accra, Ghana. The scope of the foundation is to establish successful social enterprises in underprivileged communities, enabling entrepreneurial women to learn how to set up and run a plastic recycling plant. It is a contribution to creating formal jobs within a community and diverting the plastic waste from littering.
To learn more about the ASASE Foundation, get in touch with me.

Dana with a group of children in Accra
Dana Mosora
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Who am I?

Chemical engineer by education, international marketer by experience and passionate sustainability professional by choice, I enjoy being part of the change in which daring businesses and organizations embark today.

My goal is to bring to my clients the supplemental experience and knowledge which their organization needs to meet ambitious objectives.

Industry partners and colleagues would endorse my skills as:

  • Know-how to connect technical and marketing into sustainable business development opportunities
  • Ability to transform abstract concepts/ideas into practical and creative plans;
  • Action driven, delivering well planned and organized work to get things done
  • Good interpersonal skills, bringing consensus on difficult topics
  • Experienced Project Manager
  • Extensive network of plastic packaging value chain
  • Business track record in developed and developing economies.

If you want to know more see my LinkedIn page

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