In this blog I wish to talk about how at CEFLEX, the European Consortium of over 150 companies and organizations from across the entire value chain of Flexible Packaging,  I am managing the challenge of working from home with now face to face occasions to collaborate and engage on projects.

As we continue to move towards our goals in a very new environment we find ourselves holding Webinars instead of conferences. Even with the transition in our everyday lives, we are still dedicated to our overall goal to develop a quality recycling process for the household collected post-consumer packaging waste of Flexible Packaging.
If you are curious to learn more, check out our ‘Delivering a Quality Recycling Process’ webinar as we discuss moving towards industrial-scale trials. CEFLEX and its stakeholders will deliver higher-value end-market applications for Flexible Packaging recyclates. Their work is building the business case for investment and delivery of a Quality Recycling Process, able to unlock the environmental and economic potential of mechanical recycling. Listen along and learn about how the entire value chain is collaborating – and discover the potential value to your businesses and the environment achieved at the pilot stage.

Watch here the Packaging Europe Webinar!

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